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From: US-based pilot

Comment: "Thank you for taking the effort to verify my concerns about the job posting. This is by far the best support I've ever received!"

From: European recruiting airline

Comment: "thanks for your message and good service"

From: European BAe 146 pilot

Comment: "I must say that you did give excellent service through the years and got both me and my wife good flying jobs."

We say: "Glad to be of service!"

From: European pilot

Comment: "I would like to thank you very much for your kind reply. I will definately update my data and join the Flight Deck Club again very soon; it had always been one of the rare sources of useful and "tailored" information."

From: Brazilian pilot

Comment: "Thank you very much for your kind and fast response. I must say that your services are top of line and that you were more than generous."

From: European pilot

Comment: "To use your perfectly organized web service again is an absolute pleasure!"

From: US pilot

Comment: "You folks provide a quality service."

From: CRJ Captain

Comment: "I will be sure to recommend your web site to my fellow pilots and recommend your outstanding customer service. Again thank you for excellent service."

From: B737 line instructor

Comment: "If it should be necessary to find job again, I wont hesitate to use you again! I have been very satisfied."

From: A319/320/321 Training Captain

Comment: "Thank you sir. You work properly and very professional."

From: Italian pilot

Comment: "Thank you very much for your kindness and professionality, it's not common to find people like you . I certainly will refer to your service in the future in case of need."

From: US Captain

Comment: "Thank you for your courteous follow up. .... I appreciate your understanding and quick response."

From: B747 Training Captain

Comment: "If I will be looking for a job in the future I'll certainly subscribe to your site again."

From: US-based Training Captain

Comment: "... you guys are great!"

From: B737 Training Captain

Comment: "Thank you very much for your help. When this contract is ending I will sign up again - with Flightdeckrecruitment I save hours surfing on the Internet."

From: Chinese recruitment consultant

Comment: "Thanks very much for your excellent professional services."

From: Michael W. Johnson, Paramount Aviation Resource Gp

Comment: "We have found Flightdeckrecruitment.com to be an excellent partner. They have an extensive database with key filters that enable us to quickly identify qualified candidates. They are very responsive to our needs and provide outstanding customer support. We look forward to a long relationship with flightdeckrecruitment.com."

From: European pilot

Comment: "I just want to email to say thanks for following this through and for getting back to me. ... it is refreshing to see manners and professionalism. I didnt think they existed in avaition recruitment!!"

From: B747-400 Captain

Comment: "thanks very much for your great service!"

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