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Terms and Conditions

(Trading Policy)

Flightdeck Recruitment aims to bring together flight deck crew and recruiting organisations in a highly efficient and accurate way, based upon the detailed experience of our registered crewmembers. Although we do our very best to ensure that the information and logic on this web site are accurate and reliable, this cannot always be guaranteed.

• Flight Deck Crew

Flight Deck Crew, please keep your user name and password secure, keep the information registered with us accurate and up to date, and never make any career choice based solely upon listings or alerts from this web site.

We do not keep any information about Recruiters and Crew other than the information that you provide, and we keep this information secure. You may at any time ask us to confirm the information we hold on you. Except where required in order that you may fully participate in the web site and additional service(s) offered by ourselves and our partners, we will keep all personal information that you provide confidential. We comply with Data Protection and similar legislation.

Occasionally we may wish to permit specially selected companies with products that may be of particular interest to crew to have access to the contact details of our registered crew, so if you do not wish your details ever to be made available in this way, simply leave the "Opt In" checkbox unselected when you register or update your details.

For more information on this topic, please see our formal Privacy Statement.

• Recruiters

Recruiters should please note:

We do not currently provide employees nor do we currently provide contracts, nor anything else that may imply a service beyond the provision or exchange of relevant information. It will be your responsibility to ensure that you make proper contractual arrangements with any persons you choose to employ.

There is no certainty that a particular person selected by using our service will wish to work with your company, and it is therefore to be expected that you may often find you have paid for information provided by us in good faith which does not immediately lead to a vacancy being filled. However, we hope that the information may often be useful at a later date. Furthermore, we strongly encourage our registered crew to maintain up to date details. If we were to pre-qualify crewmember information more than we do (for instance by interviewing candidates or determining their exact availability), the charge per set of crewmember details would inevitably be many times higher than it is. However, on request via the site, we do also provide a special value-added service whereby we will contact crew who you are interested in, and pre-qualify their availability and level of interest in working for your company. We believe that, on average, we provide a highly cost-effective referral service, and it is each Recruiter's responsibility to decide over the course of time whether or not we are of value in your recruiting campaigns.

• Service Quality

We are sure that if the site is used correctly, and that excepting errors, bugs, and other circumstances beyond our control, it will produce excellent and timely matches between crewmember qualifications and recruiter requirements.

However, the variable speed and quality of the public Internet means that the quality of our service cannot always be guaranteed. At times, this web site may appear to be slow or intermittently unavailable, or, despite our best efforts, to contain outdated information. Please tell us if it is doing so at any time.

Thank you for choosing Flightdeck Recruitment!
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