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About Flightdeck Recruitment

FlightdeckRecruitment.com was set up in 2001 with the aim of providing a high-quality online recruitment service for commercial pilots. We are not recruitment consultants. We don't have big offices, lots of staff and big fees. If you are a pilot or FE put your details into our system so recruiters can find them and apply to the jobs you are interested in. If you are a recruiter search through our database of crew to find the ones who look interesting, or post a job vacancy and let the crew come to you.

The company was set up by pilots with the aim of helping flight deck crew connect to aviation recruiters with positions to fill, and to help the recruiters find crew who meet their requirements. This is still what we do. We take pride in providing a professional and ethical service. We don't like to be ripped off so we take every effort to make sure that you aren't either.

How FlightdeckRecruitment.com works

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Crew registration

Qualified pilots, flight engineers and other prospective aviation employees can register on our database by clicking on the Account Setup link and completing the registration form. Crew type ratings, hours, and other qualifications (but not personal or contact data) become immediately available to our logged in, registered recruiters. Recruiters can then request your contact details from our database by purchasing and using crew credits.

Crew can upgrade their account with us to become members of Flightdeck Premium. This is a subscription service. Membership of Flightdeck Premium offers:

  • Crew's full crew profile, including contact details and link to CV file, accessible to logged in registered recruiters.
  • Crew can see full details of job vacancies posted on our boards as soon as they are posted and can apply if they are qualified.
  • Crew can upload a CV/Resume file to enhance their registered profile details
  • Crew can choose to receive SMS notification for new job postings
  • Crew can create a list of 'favourite' jobs

For full details of the benefits and subscription fees see our Pricing page.

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Recruiter registration

Aviation recruiters can register with FlightdeckRecruitment.com by clicking on the New Account link and completing the registration form. Registration allows recruiters to:

  1. Search for suitable crew
  2. Add interesting crewmembers into their Crew Shortlist
  3. Save their crew search criteria
  4. Purchase the contact details of crewmembers that they may wish to contact directly
  5. Post unlimited numbers of job vacancies onto our Job Vacancies Board
  6. Receive applications by email from interested crew
  7. Accept speculative applications to their company
  8. Check the availability and interest of shortlisted crewmembers
  9. Purchase blocks of Crew Credits in advance at discounted prices

After completing the registration form, the recruiter's account is automatically activated. However, for data security purposes and to prevent fraudulent activity we need to be able to verify that they are bona fide aviation recruiters. We aim to verify all new recruiter accounts within as short a time as possible, but until we have verified the account, recruiters are not able to purchase services via credit or debit card and their job postings are not visible to our crew members.

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Searching for flight deck crew

FlightdeckRecruitment.com offers aviation recruiters the ability to quickly and easily find the contact details for suitably qualified flight deck crew, and to avoid, where possible, the expense and hassle of using traditional recruitment options.

The procedure for obtaining crewmember contact details (+ CV/resumé if available) using Flightdeck Recruitment is as follows:

  1. Recruiter uses the Crew Search function to get a list of crewmembers with the required type ratings
  2. Buy Crew Credits using secure credit card transaction (Payment by invoice available by request) - see our Pricing page.
  3. Select those crewmembers whose contact details you would like to access using your Crew Credits
  4. Recruiter granted access to chosen crewmembers' contact details
  5. Recruiter then free to contact crewmembers directly for normal, company recruitment procedures

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Crew Shortlist

The Crew Shortlist allows recruiters to easily keep track of crewmembers who may be of interest for future employment. Crewmembers who have been added to the Shortlist will remain in the Shortlist unless you choose to remove them. You can add some crewmembers one day, then come back again the next day, week or even month and the crewmembers you selected selected previously will automatically be remembered.

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Job vacancies

Registered recruiters can post details of their job vacancies onto our Job Vacancies boards.

Pilot and Flight Engineer jobs board

Basic Job Postings - Basic details of the job listings on our Pilot & FE jobs board are free of charge. To see full details of Basic Job Postings and apply to them, crew need to upgrade their accounts to become members of Flightdeck Premium. This is a subscription service.

Featured Jobs - To increase the response to your job vacancy postings you should upgrade your job postings to Featured Job status, which allows all suitably qualified, registered crew members to apply to the positions, and also gives the job postings increased prominence on our jobs listings and main home page.

For more details about Featured Jobs see our Pricing page.

Speculative applications

Sometimes you may not have a specific job vacancy but would be interested to receive speculative applications from crewmembers. If you would be happy to receive speculative applications from crew you can simply specify this when you complete your registration form or update your registered details.

If your position changes at any time in the future you can simply update your registration details and de-select the check box for 'Speculative crew applications?:'.

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Non-cockpit jobs board

Positions for cabin crew, aircraft maintenance, ground engineers, ground handlers, airline office staff or any other aviation related position can be posted on our Non-Cockpit jobs board. All registered users of flightdeckrecruitment.com can see full details of the job listings and send applications.

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Accuracy of crewmember data

We do not prequalify or check the qualifications or contact details of our registered crew. The time and difficulty involved in carrying out suitable checks would greatly increase the cost of the service.

We periodically issue reminders to crewmembers to keep their details up to date, and if they fail to update their details on a regular basis their details will be removed from our database to ensure we maintain the accuracy of our data.

If any crewmember contact or experience details obtained through FlightdeckRecruitment.com prove to be so inaccurate as to prevent possible employment we will be happy to issue a full refund for the purchase of those details.

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